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James Pierre


James is the founder of The Adius Arts Initiative and a multimedia artist. Born and raised in a
microcosm of art and academics, Cambridge, James utilizes his vivid imagination, heritage and life vision in all aspects of his work. James has said that he feels challenged to express his
curiosities at times, as he often questions the meaning of life. But ultimately his doubt and
curiosity help him create projects and events that he hopes opens dialogue with the participants  and challenges the status quo.


The Adius Arts Initiative was formed with the mission to infuse a  deeper artistic culture into the the culture. The initiative has hosted a series of art events in the  greater Boston area over the last seven years.


James strives to support and celebrate the work of black artist and share the importance and impact of art with all the people everywhere.

Jonathan Shapiro Anjaria

Jonathan Anjaria

Jon has been a Cambridge resident off and on since 1997. He lives in the Port neighborhood with his wife and two sons, who go to CRLS. When he isn't biking around Cambridge, he teaches at Brandeis University and writes about cities and transportation. 


He is committed to transportation equity and has been involved in bicycle-related issues in Cambridge since 2019. He helps out the Adius Arts with communications, event planning and grant writing.

Stephanie Murphy

Stephanie Murphy

Stephanie supports the Cambridge Real Estate Development team at MITIMCo, which allows her to help organize events in partnership with MIT and Cambridge community non-profits. Prior to joining MITIMCo, Stephanie worked as a Project Associate for the Department of Innovation at the City of Providence, and as an office manager for a startup accelerator. While living in Providence, she helped run two speaker series: Providence PechaKucha and 1 Million Cups Providence. In 2014, she played a role in over 150 city, state, national, and global events, and especially enjoys supporting projects which involve culture and the community.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Media Arts and Production from Emerson College and received CEUs from Rhode Island School of Design in Human-Centered Design and Civics, and ETH Zurich in Livable Future Cities.


In her spare time, she enjoys baking, looking at old houses that need renovation, and reading in the bathtub. She lives on the edge of a crazy cat lady life, with four, furry freeloaders who unabashedly infringe on privacy. She is a champion pie eater and moonlights as a raw bar oyster shucker.

Michael Joseph

Michael Joseph is an entrepreneur and marketing professional with over 15 years of experience in the start-up environment.  His background ranges in industries such as entertainment, technology,  Higher Ed, community engagement and real estate.  Throughout these industries he has directed, coordinated, and managed businesses and projects from start to finish.   Talent acquisition, research, team building, planning and execution are his strong suits.  He is passionate about people and connecting cultures to move forward through positive synergy.

Michael holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth. 

Chani L.

Chani Langford

Chani  is passionate about taking  vision to  reality through strategy,  innovation and research.  

She  works as a corporate strategy and operations manager in the pharmaceutical industry.


She has  experience in strategy, operations,  marketing  and administration in various industries and she also worked for a Venture Capitalist who is a Co-Founder of a multibillion dollar organization for ten years and this is where she received what she calls a "Master Class" in business.


She has her B.S c. in Business Management and MBA  from Boston University.

For fun she'll ask you to give her  a simple or  abstract idea to make a business out of and  see if she can come up with one.  She meditates every day and her hobbies are creating  graphic art, meditation music and playing games on her VR headset. 

Board of Directors

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